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What is Mole Removal?

Mole removal is a process to remove dark spots or irregularities from the skin. Moles are skin features that can be present since birth, or they can develop over time. They occur on various places of the body, and they can differ in shape, size, and color.

People choose to pursue mole removal treatments for both cosmetic and preventative medical reasons. Our office in Mason, Ohio, performs both surgical and laser treatments to surgically remove moles for cosmetic reasons.

Laser mole removal is good for small black or brown moles that do not protrude above the skin. Fully removing the mole typically requires one to three laser treatments.

We offer three types of surgical mole removal, which are:

  • Shave Excision – good for moles raised above the skin; involves a member of our team applying a local anesthetic and shaving the surface of the mole so it’s flush with the skin

  • Punch Biopsy – good for small moles; involves a member of our team using a special device to “punch out” a cylinder-shaped piece of skin

  • Excisional Surgery – good for flat or malignant moles; involves a member of our team surgically cutting out the mole


The procedure chosen will depend on you, your goals, and your body.

Am I a good candidate?

A consultation with our team in San Ramon, Ca, is the best way to determine if you could benefit from either of these removal procedures. They will be able to give you feedback about your skincare concerns as well as determine which of these removal methods is best for you and your goals.

It is important to remember that results will vary with all procedures.


  • Laser mole-removal treatments are minimally invasive. They require no downtime, no incisions, and no surgery.

  • Lasers can target moles with ease and precision.

  • Treatments are highly effective, and the surrounding tissue is left intact.

  • Laser mole-removal treatments leave minimal scarring, making them an ideal treatment for people who want discreet scarring on their mole treatment sites.


  • Deep-rooted moles are not ideal lesions to be removed by lasers due to the abundant supply of blood flow, requiring surgical intervention to minimize trauma to the area.

  • Suspicious skin growths must be assessed by a dermatologist for cancerous properties before laser removal.

  • Larger moles are sometimes not ideal for laser procedures. A surgical process will remove the mole completely versus multiple laser treatments, which can end up costing more time and money.

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