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COVID-19 Precautions

Here are all the steps we are taking to protect you

  • Prescreening and COVID 19  questionnaire

  • Virtual consultations/phone texting

  • Patient Portal

  • social distancing in office

  • Staff training, restrictions, and patient education

  • Our staff will call1-3 day prior to appointment to ensure you are not ill

  • Consents are done electronically prior to arrival not in the office so please check your email

  • know your Passwords if you are a Brilliant distinction or Aspire Reward Member. 

  • patients to wash hands, wash face, mouth rinse if needed

  • Please redeem and create your Reward Certificates in Advance

  • Limited appointment slots, no overlap to avoid contact between patients which will allow us to disinfect rooms in between patient visits. Will go slow

  • Removal of all magazines or other shared items from the office

  • No-touch Temperature screening of all staff and patients entering office

  • Cleaning/wiping down all rooms after each visit.

  • Regular disinfecting all surfaces and contact areas

  • Patients to call the office from the car upon arrival so as to avoid waiting in the office

  • Prohibit guest's pets to appointments.

  • Air purefier, hepa-filters

  • No common waiting room, you will be roomed immediately upon arrival

  • Masks to be worn by all patients before coming. And keep wearing it in the office.

  • Staff to wear PPE at all times when in contact with the patient. Donning duffing area 

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