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Gummy Lips with BOTOX

Is Botox effective for Gummy Lips?


There are some instances where Botox can be used as an alternative to orthognathic and aesthetic crown-lengthening procedures in the treatment of gummy smiles. Botox injections in the upper lip may help lessen the appearance of large upper teeth and gums by relaxing the muscles in the face and upper lip.


A plastic surgeon or qualified cosmetic injectable provider may recommend Botox in instances where the patient has a strong upper lip muscle, which recedes to show more of the gum line. Some specialists combine Botox with other injectable substances, such as Restylane, for a more dramatic and longer lasting effect. Leading professionals are also touting the benefits of a similar injectable, called Dysport, for treating excessive gingival display.

Is Botox safe for me?


Botox has been proven safe for most people, especially those who wish to eliminate dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles caused by the contraction of underlying muscles, such as frown lines and crow’s feet. Botox works best on younger patients, and is recommended for people between the ages of 18 and 70. Older folks should consult with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to ensure that their skin tone is elastic enough to respond to treatment.

Of course, Botox can’t work wonders on everyone. People who might not benefit from Botox treatments include those with weakened facial muscles, allergies to bovine products, and who are taking antibiotics or blood thinners. Botox also might not be as effective on people with non-dynamic wrinkles, such as those wrinkles caused by gravity, skin infections or sun damage.

Botox to Treat a Gummy Smile


Today there is a relatively new, and cost-efficient procedure that in-the-know 
 “gummy smile” candidates are flocking to. This simple treatment is done in the comfort of a plastic surgeon’s office only using Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA). You’ve probably heard of plastic surgeons administering Botox to erase 11 lines between the brows or crows feet, but did you know that Botox is also now being used to treat a gummy smile?  This simple and affordable procedure can be done quickly and without anaesthesia. Injecting Botox to treat a gummy smile in the right area of the upper mouth can lower the top lip to a position where less gum tissue shows. Botox for a gummy smile works by paralyzing specific smile muscles, therefore “relaxing” the muscles that create the “high lift” in a smile.


The procedure lowers the top part of the smile to cover the gums more. You can see why it is gaining attention for its ease and accessibility to treat this condition. Botox injections to treat a gummy smile are not a permanent solution. But at a fraction of the costs of other remedies, it is easy to stay within a budget and receive the Botox treatment two to three times a year as needed.  It’s not for everyone, and effective treatment will depend on the reason you have a gummy smile. As always, you want to go to a plastic surgeon experienced in injecting Botox to make sure the correct targets are hit and your smile is even on both sides.